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Who we are

The LDM Group Co-founded by Lynn Haines Dodd and Donald R. Mitchell, who collectively have over 90 years of administrative and teaching experience in TK-12 and higher education. They believe in order to unlock college access for all students’ educational leaders must disrupt inequities at their institutions and focus on how to lead for equity and systemic change. Lynn and Don work with educational leaders who understand equity and excellence are achievable. We assist these leaders to strengthening their teachers CORE subject content and their student’s literacy skills in order to be more competitive for the college/university of their choice. The LDM Group has a portfolio of literacy, pre-advance placement, advanced placement and English learner professional experts in their respective fields of study to support client needs.

work with us

Our work is focused on providing multiple levels of high quality professional development for TK-12 educational institutions, college/university enrollment and outreach staff, parents/families and community based organizations. If you are interested in becoming one of our trainers, please review the minimum requirements: you are an expert in your field of study and have a minimum of 3 years of experience, a track record demonstrating success, have expertise working with adult learners in CORE literacy subjects, pre-advance placement, advanced placement and/or with English learners. Please email your resume through our contact information.
Lynn Haines DoddIs a career educator who supports and promotes initiatives connecting students to college success and opportunity. She has over 40 years experience in K-12 and higher education.  Lynn is a member of several philanthropic foundations. Her lifelong goal is to advance equitable opportunities and access for all students.


GROUP Advancing equitable college access for all students!
Donald R. MitchellUnderstands the power of education and its’ ability to change and even save lives. He has dedicated his 4-decade career in education to ensuring that African American, Latino and all underserved students and their families are appreciated, valued and have opportunities for equitable college access.

Social Justice Statement

At the LDM Education Group: Advancing Equitable College Access, LLC, we are committed to a culture of providing equitable college access, inclusion, integrity, and post- secondary opportunities for all students, especially our students who are underrepresented, served and resourced. Our commitments carry beyond the walls of our company into the communities in which we serve and live.

We Believe
Regardless of the student’s zip code, educators must:

  1. Promote academic, climate, systemic and resource equity to disrupt inequities and to support all students
  2. Promote systemic academic improvements through the lens of equity to close opportunity and achievement gaps
  3. Disrupt systemic inequities by changing mindsets which prevent equitable college access
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